Grim Dawn reaches $280k Kickstarter goal, 10 days to go for ARPG
Posted: 08.05.2012 13:32 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The "old-school style, open-world action role-playing" in Grim Dawn has managed to reach its goal of $280k but there's still 10 days to go and it's currently sitting at just over $290k.

It's a project from former Iron Lore developers who are using "tools and technology" used to develop Titan Quest. It "won't feature a story on rails with linear level design", they say.

Pledging a minimum of $18 will secure you a digital copy of Grim Dawn when it’s complete. There are a number of further incentives to pledge more if you've got an itchy wallet for ARPG.

"We’re a small team with limited resources and we’re not competing to launch the next big ARPG but if you’re a more traditional gamer that still craves the complexity, intrigue and quirkiness of older games, maybe Grim Dawn can be the next big ARPG for you," begins the Grim Dawn Kickstarter project blog.

"Grim Dawn won’t hold your hand to ensure you never make a bad decision and it won’t feature a story on rails with linear level design to prevent you from ever getting lost. It will, however, offer you the chance to do things in your own way, have an experience that is unique from everyone else playing the game and explore off the beaten path to see and do things that not every player is likely to find."

"Unlike many other ARPGs, in Grim Dawn, you’re not the lone hero out on a quest to save the world by vanquishing one ultimate evil. The world of Cairn, in which Grim Dawn is set, has been devastated by a war between two otherworldly powers, with humankind caught in the middle."

"The dangers facing the survivors of humanity are too great and numerous to be solved by any one individual."

As of right now 6,913 backers are pledging $290,688. There's still plenty of time to pour in more pledges. The Grim Dawn team will keep it "DRM free!" There'll also throw in "robust modding tools" for fans to get their mitts on. For a lot more information about the Grim Dawn project from Crate Entertainment visit the Kickstarter page.

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