Resident Evil 6 expected to sell 7 million copies worldwide
Posted: 11.05.2012 09:48 by Nick Akerman Comments: 1
Capcom has released its sale forecast for the upcoming year. Resident Evil 6 is expected to be the publisher's leading jewel, and is touted to sell around 7 million copies across Japan, North America and Europe.

It's worth nothing that Resident Evil 5 has currently sold 5.8 million copies worldwide. Capcom's estimation of 7 million doesn't include the PC version, which is yet to nail down a specific release date.

Capcom also expects to shift 2 million copies of Devil May Cry, 1.5 million of Dragon Dogma, and 1.4 million copies of Lost Planet 3.
Source: Siliconera


By LukeDion1987 (SI Core Veteran) on May 11, 2012
Will see about that...
RE4 is great, RE5 is not that great but still is a good game, and RE6 will be... ;-)