First patch for Awesomenauts in works
Posted: 12.05.2012 06:06 by Comments: 0
Ronimo Games has released their first "Awesomenauts Community Address", which addressed the insolvency of publisher dtp Entertainment, gamer feedback and the content of the upcoming patch for the title.

The developer stated that while dtp filed for bankruptcy, they believe that the company will "overcome the obstacles and will continue to do business" with Romino, and signed an agreement to make sure the game could be released and receive support for "a long time."

Romino is also using user feedback to work on the new patch, which will focus on play balance. While the developer claims that "the consensus appears that the game is already fairly well balanced", most gamers have complained on forums some classes are far better than others, so it is assumed that the patch will balance the classes. Regardless, the developer states they are "expecting to post our first patch notes sometime next week."

The developer also offered avice for some users who were unable to connect to servers. Romino advises, "It appears these issues are the result of players joining a game with the NAT-settings on their router set to either "Strict" or "Moderate", in addition to our game being quite strict in its ping requirements. We're looking into what we can do to resolve both these issues, but resetting your console as well as your router seems to resolve most issues until we can get a patch out."

The company then teased, "Finally, as you might have heard, we are also working hard on preparing the first batch of extra heroes for release. As a gift for all the support we are getting we have decided to show everyone a glimpse of our first female Awesomenaut!"

Awesomenauts was released on the 2nd May for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.
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