Wasteland 2 using Unity engine
Posted: 13.05.2012 13:45 by Comments: 0
Wasteland 2 developer InExile's founder Brian Fargo has announced in a tweet that the game will be running on the Unity engine, which chiefly has been used for playing games in a web browser. The engine has been used for such browser-based titles as Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online, MechWarrior Tactics and Battlestar Galactica Online.

In the tweet, Fargo stated, "I can officially announce that we've chosen the Unity engine for Wasteland 2. It meets all the criteria we need. First screens looking good."

Before gamers panic and think that Wasteland 2 will be an online RPG or a browser-based MMO, games like Rochard were also built on the Unity engine.

In addition, the engine allows a ton of flexibility in porting from PC to Mac OS, Nintendo Wii, iPhone/iPad, Google Android, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 3, which may hint at the platforms that Wasteland 2 could be coming to, in addition to browser-based gaming.
Source: GameSpy