Cryptic Studios committing to a total revamp of PvP in Star Trek Online
Posted: 14.05.2012 17:12 by Comments: 1
Cryptic Studios is going to engage in a total revamp of PvP, which the studio openly states is in "bad shape", according to a forum post by moderator Goz. Apparently the developers think the PvP in the MMO is as broken as the players do.

"The first question we (the developers) had to ask ourselves is can PVP be saved?" said Goz. "I donít use the word ďSavedĒ lightly. I donít mean fixed, updated, or fun. I literally mean saved."

The PvP, according to Goz, is in such a shambles that the studio isn't even going to bother figuring out what went wrong with it, and will rather just completely revamp it. "Participation in PVP related activities is so low on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis that we could in fact just completely take it out of STO and it would not impact the overall number of people that log in to the game and play in any significant way," Goz related.

The mod did hint at one change coming to PvP. "I see lots of threads about KDF players having access to gear that FED players do not," he noted, "This isnít going to be a problem in the new system since their will not be any FED vs KDF PVP. All PVP in the new system will be cross faction queues."

Stay tuned.
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 14, 2012
Can't say complain about free upgrades to free games :).
But i don't care about PvP at all, i'd prefer to have a more engaging PvE.