Ferasans revealed for Star Trek Online
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On the 17th May, the Klingon faction will be getting a cat-like race, the Ferasans as premium content for the free-to-play MMO. The race can be unlocked with 480 Cryptic Points, which come with the Predatory Instincts racial advantage (75 percent bonus to Jump Height, +5 bonus to Stealth Perception, 5 percent bonus to Melee Damage, 10 percent bonus to Exploit Damage.) Purchasing also allows the player to pick three traits as well.

According to Cryptic, "Ferasans are closely related to Caitians. Ferasans are bipedal, have tails that assist their balance, extended maxillary canine teeth and large eyes with excellent night vision. Their skin is covered with a soft fur coat, and their felinoid ears can pick up frequencies that most humanoids are unable to detect. Some Ferasans have telepathic abilities."

Gamers can also make a Ferasan Bridge Officer Requisition for 400 Cryptic Points, which will come with the aforementioned Predatory Instincts, but also a Telepathic trait and a Pounce skill.

Cryptic notes regarding the Ferasan bridge officers, "These Bridge Officers are only available to Klingon Defense Force characters. Ferasan Bridge Officer Requisitions are tradable. To gain additional Ferasan Bridge Officers, you must acquire another Ferasan Bridge Officer Requisition Form. There are male and female options for Tactical, Science and Engineering officers. These officers are not Unique, so you may have multiple Ferasans on your crew."

Cryptic announced yesterday that Star Trek Online's PvP will be completely revamped.
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 16, 2012
Must not be as much of a Trekkie as I considered myself since I don't remember these guys from anywhere.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 16, 2012
Never heard of them either, and not really that interested anyway. About time the Klinks had some love thrown their way, though even if it does look like left-overs from "Mass Effect".
Might have Kangaroos next....
By nocutius (SI Elite) on May 16, 2012
hehe, it would still be better than kung-fu pandas :)