Rumour-mill: Tabletop Zombies!!! shuffling their way onto XBLA?
Posted: 31.07.2008 11:06 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The tabletop game of Zombies!!! may well be lurching its undead self onto XBLA. In the game players compete to reach the helipad first while ducking the zombie hordes.

Twilight Creations' Todd A. Breitenstein would neither "confirm nor deny the existence of such a project", when grilled at their Comic-Con booth.

A gamer sent in the idea about giving virtual life to the Zombies!!! boardgame only to discover "that they were already underway with this very project."

Players must tile-flip their way to escape the encroaching undead posse before their opponents do. The rules aren't above letting you sabotage your fellow escapees' plans either.

While obviously wanting to keep such an idea under wraps for now - Breitenstein did add: "but do you think it would be cool?"

Source: Joystiq