Triumph Studios developing Age of Wonders 3?
Posted: 28.05.2012 13:02 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
A collection of tweets, Facebook posts and job ads suggests that turn-based strategy developer Triumph Studios may well have Age of Wonders 3 in the works. "Won't be Overlord".

Triumph also created the Overlord franchise where we play an evil ruler with minions. Composer Michiel van den Bos promises "some interesting news soon" from the studio.

Back in April 2011 the dev advertised intern positions for a "new strategy title" in the works, and earlier this month they teased "news about new project coming soon!" E3 is next week running June 5-7.

"I got some good news today, but what it is I can't yet say (in a rhyming mood obviously). Will let you know when I can," Age of Wonders composer Michiel van den Bos said on Facebook, May 9th. Last week he said: "Please like Triumph Studios . You might get some interesting news soon :)" A day later: "Won't be Overlord, that's all I'll let go for now :)"

Triumph Studios are still after a "2D art intern to assist with the creation of high fantasy characters and environment illustrations." The studio also want a "3D character or environment art interns to assist with the development of fantasy themed assets for use in a modern 3D engine." Triumph owns two IPs: Overlord and Age of Wonders.

It seems very likely that Age of Wonders is getting dusted off.
Source: Reddit

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