Ken Levine's new game IP "not in the blue-sky period any more"
Posted: 31.07.2008 13:15 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Co-founder to Irrational Games and creator of BioShock, Ken Levine has revealed his new prodigal project has entered development but wouldn't give a title.

Levine also noted that he's "not substantially" working on BioShock 2 as he's off focusing on this "pretty crazy ambitious" project of his.

"We’re not in the blue-sky period any more," said Levine, speaking to videogaming247. "We’re actually building design elements and building it out… But it’s, you know, it’s going to be pretty crazy ambitious."

"I’ll say this about it. It’s important to us that whatever we do has the same impact on the gamer that BioShock did. And so, I think that the company’s position on us and what we do is that we’re going to be breaking down barriers and breaking down doors."

"Whether we succeed or not, that’s our goal. In terms of our timeline and the resources we have and the people we have working on it, I’m really fortunate to have Bill and Nate who designed the Big Daddy… that BioShock team, and sit around with the guys that did the original BioShock and come up with this thing that we’re working on now."

"Bill and Nate" refers to Bill Gardner, lead designer for BioShock and Nate Wells, 2K Boston's art director. It had already been confirmed that Levine wouldn't be directly involved with the sequel to BioShock as he'd be off on his next crazy scheme.

There were a number of rumours that Mr Levine was rather difficult to work with at 2K Boston, with staffers jumping ship to 2K Marin. "Look at the BioShock credit list and see how true that rumor is. My personality? I don't know. Maybe I am an asshole."

Well that answers that rumour, ...sorta.

Please mister Levine have mercy! Nooooo!

Source: videogaming247
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