Dead Space 3 co-op confirmed, no competitive multiplayer
Posted: 03.06.2012 22:31 by Comments: 4
NeoGAF has revealed the details of the latest issue of Game Informer regarding Dead Space 3. Some of the major bullet points of features announced by the preview confirm co-op gameplay, universal ammo, no online competitive multiplayer, and a cover system. The game will take place on an ice planet called Tau Volantis.

Dead Space 3 will also make the Unitologists a tactical threat, as they too will use cover while shooting at Isaac. As far as new necromorphs, there will be a massive thirty story tall necro-centipede called "the Nexus". Other new creatures include "fodder", "feeders" and a "snow beast". The feeders will be humans who haven't been infected by a swarm or a divider head but end up (out of necessity) eating necromorph flesh.

Dead Space 3 will, of course, feature zero-G locations, which the developers say is a staple of the series. However, the developers want to make Dead Space 3 less linear, with large environments to explore, with "unique beta missions", aka side missions.. The game will also switch to universal ammo and make ammo drops more plentiful.

If that weren't enough, players will be able to combine weapons, such as combining the plasma cutter and the ripper.

Dead Space 3 will be shown off at E3 2012, so Strategy Informer will be checking it out.

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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Jun 04, 2012
Co-op for Dead Space... now that can be interesting.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jun 05, 2012
Never really cared for the franchise that much but with co-op? Sure :)

But it also seems that the game is getting simplified a bit, ammo and such. Might not go too well with the core fans.
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Jun 05, 2012
I agree, games are becoming easier and easier, which makes it a bit disappointing for those of us who enjoy a good challenge. But then again, every once in a while someone creates a mod that makes the game a whole lot more challenging... just look at DOOM 3, one of the easiest games to play these days, but try it on True Survival... now that becomes a challenge.
By Grindcore (SI Newbie) on Jun 06, 2012
At first sight I don't really like the setting for this game. Open areas...bug necromorphs looks like in Lost Planet. Cover system for shooting against "humans". Anyway I can't see too much so it might be change.