Crytek: CryEngine 3 already as good as Unreal Engine 4
Posted: 14.06.2012 20:17 by Nick Akerman Comments: 6
Crytek believe CryEngine 3 already produces the same graphical output as Epic's Unreal Engine 4, despite the former being launched a number of years ago.

Speaking to VentureBeat, founder Cevat Yerli revealed the German developer's engine is already on par with Epic's new offering, and is all set for the next generation.

"The only thing I can say is that CryEngine 3 already exists at the quality of Unreal Engine 4," said Yerli.

"It already exists for three years now. You can go back three years ago to the GDC videos. What we put out there is pretty much what Unreal Engine 4 put out now. And what many others are doing now too. We haven't really put out our latest stuff yet."
Source: VentureBeat
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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 14, 2012
Unreal Ebgine 4 will be used by more Developers though, as was/is it's predecessor. So not too sure what Yerli is trying to do here, as the contracts are already written and signed in blood.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 15, 2012
Does that mean that the Unreal Engine will make crappy sluggish shooter games? Hopefully not. Unreal Engine will most likely be used in many more games.
So far the CryEngine 3 didn't impress during my playthrough of Crysis 2 - crouch and you got low definition textures in front of you. The difference between Direct X9 and 10 wasn't "that big" - and still didn't solve the pixelated texture problems.
By Arrecoolast (SI Core) on Jun 15, 2012
You have to keep in mind though that the Crysis series aren't using the full power of CE3, no games currently are.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jun 19, 2012
...and that in itself isn't exactly to Crysis or cry-enginges benefit. The studio that had the chance to show what it is made of and give a full-blown - must-have-effect traded that for not bruising the ego's of console-huggers. To come later and moan that their engine is just as good when they have blown off their main fan-group and sort of main target (the PC hardware enthusiasts that could brag and show wonderful videos on YouTube) is just "that moment" too late.
Crysis engine made some things look great, but gaming wasn't one of them.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 19, 2012
Yup, leave that engine for the modders, I'd say.