Leonard Nimoy (Spock) to appear as special guest at Star Trek Online event
Posted: 06.08.2008 11:30 by Jamie Davey Comments: 1
Cryptic announced today that legendary Star Trek actor, film director, poet and singer Leonard Nimoy (Spock) will be the special guest at the official revealing of the recently announced Star Trek Online MMO this Sunday.

The first gameplay footage will be shown at the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas, which will be appearing live on a Webcast at the official website for the Star Trek Online game. The event is to place at the Gene Roddenberry Theater in Hilton.

You can find out more information about Star Trek Online here.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 06, 2008
That means Bill Shatner won\'t show (don\'t like each other you see). If this can be as good as EVE (a BIG if), then it could be good, But with a SW:KOTS MMO and Stargate Worlds in development it faces stiff opposition.