BioWare talk "console future" for their new Dragon Age franchise
Posted: 06.08.2008 11:49 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
While they're focused on bringing the ambitious fantasy RPG to PC "for now", studio co-founder Greg Zeschuk reveals it won't be exclusively keyboard and mouse.

He explains that they "don't splash it across all the platforms" so they can remain focused and deliver, hopefully, a better version like Mass Effect for PC.

"Any time we undertake something we have a goal of creating franchises," Zeschuk tells MTV. "PC for now is what we're focusing on, but there is a console future for the franchise."

EA, which owns BioWare, had already announced that Dragon Age would see a console platform in the future.

"One thing we're focused on, as folks probably have seen in regards to 'Mass Effect' on the PC, is whenever we do a platform choice, we're very definitive and very specific."

"We don't splash it across all the platforms. Like in the case with 'Mass' PC we worked really hard to make it even better than the console version. The PC gives us more tools to do that with. That's the approach we're taking with 'Dragon Age' and other games at BioWare."

Let's hope the console version doesn't manage to show us PC gamers up to much when it eventually hits. Zeschuk also revealed that unlike Mass Effect, Dragon Age won't be featuring player dialogue.

"'Mass Effect' is incredibly cinematic and flowed a certain way based on the protagonistís voice and the way we did the dialogue system," he explained. "When we looked at 'Dragon Age' we sat back and thought we wanted the player to reflect their own inner voice. This was a very conscious decision. It actually harkens back to our roots and itís actually what weíve done in all our games up until "'Mass Effect.'"

He cites KOTOR being "well-loved" by the fans despite not having a voice for the lead character.

"We wanted players to have an additional sense of ó even though Iím picking a line ó Iím the one saying it in my head."

Click here to read the full interview between Greg Zeschuk and MTV Multiplayer.

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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Aug 06, 2008
Uh uh, dodge the bullshit! The sell-outs is at it again :S\nHow hte heck can people like KOTOR so much? Yes it is better then the Lucas Art early games but the gameplay is rather clunky, consolly and feels really simplified! Bah.