GAME land exclusive white 320GB PS3 for £240
Posted: 22.06.2012 12:40 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
From next week on Friday, June 29th, retailer GAME will be peddling a new PlayStation 3 SKU that's exclusive to them. What's special about this new fancy bundle from Sony Corp?

Well it's white, packs a 320GB HDD and comes with two white DualShock controllers and a 90 day subscription to PlayStation Plus. All that for the sum of £240 on the isle of Blighty.

It's available to pre-order right now from the GAME website. Previously the white slim PS3 had been promised to just GameStop but that deal has lapsed, said Sony.

"Our office in Ireland negotiated a separate deal in September with GameStop. We believe this was successful and the stock has sold through," Sony told MCV when asked for comment.

"Here in the UK from July 6th, Game will be selling the White PS3 including the two white Dualshock controllers and a free three months of PlayStation Plus. They are selling a different value bundle and are the current UK exclusive partner for Classic White PlayStation 3." Check out the GAME product page for more information.
Source: MCV

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By Jasca_Ducato (SI Core) on Jun 23, 2012
Not that I'm a PS3 fan, but this is good news. Glad to see GAME is getting back on its feet and getting some good exclusives again.