Conquest update coming this week to Rift
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Trion Worlds has announced that the 1.9 update for Rift, Conquest, will be arriving later this week. The update will celebrate Summerfest while adding a multi-factional inter-dimensional war, as well Mentoring (which will allow lower level characters to join higher level characters on quests), four new Instant Adventure zones, and Global chat that will allow chat between friends across servers.

The official list of new features in the 1.9 Conquest update include:

* Conquest: Three factions wage an inter-dimensional war across an alternate-reality Stillmoor. Fight to control the Sourcestone Extractors as you earn new bonuses that persist after the battle ends. Player-killers, monster-slayers, and crafters all have a role to play!
* Barbershop: Change your hair, your face, your height — almost everything about your appearance with a quick visit to a Stylist.
* Mentoring: Progress at your level while playing alongside your lower-level friends! Mentoring allows you to play through lower-level content without sacrificing the XP, Planar Attunement, and other rewards due to an Ascended of your experience.
* Instant Adventure: Silverwood, Freemarch, Gloamwood, and Stonefield: Instant Adventure has come to four more zones! Level up a new or existing character with relentless action and endless rewards at the click of a button. Level down with Mentoring and join new recruits where your high-level character first made his bones!
* New Sliver: Primeval Feast: The Lord Twyl has defeated Greenscale in this brutal new Sliver. Bring nine friends and slay the weather-warping maniac before he breaks through into our reality.
* Chat now global: Catch up with friends and allies, no matter which shard they’re on.
* New World Event: Summerfest: The Ascended welcome a glorious summer with fishing, cook-outs, scavenger hunts, and more while the Swarm Lord and his biting insects set upon unsuspecting heroes in the latest zone event. Join new Scavenger Hunts that feature riddles and challenges throughout Telara for great rewards!

Rift was released in March 2011 on PC.
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