Funcom CEO resigns day before The Secret World launches
Posted: 02.07.2012 22:48 by Comments: 0
According to Noweigen site E24, Funcom CEO Trond Arne Aas has resigned his post at the publisher. The resignation has some odd timing, as the publisher's heavily hyped occult MMO, The Secret World, launches tomorrow.

Aas insists that his departure won't affect The Secret World's launch. According to the former CEO, "The timing of a manager change is never good. This we discussed. I think the timing is right. About 3-6 weeks, we know how it has gone with the launch. Marketing campaign is laid. Early access has gone well."

He also insisted that there's nothing bad going on inside Funcom, either.

Funcom chairman Gerhard Florin stated in a press release, "Trond Arne Aas has been invaluable resource for Funcom, and has helped make the company one of the world's leader in online games." He went on to say that Aas' natural successor, Ole Schreiner, will take over CEO duties. Schreiner was executive VP of operations for the past five years.
Source: NeoGAF
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