Borderlands has now sold ‘in the range of’ 6 million units
Posted: 06.07.2012 19:40 by James_Day Comments: 6
Speaking at the Gearbox developer session at the Rezzed PC and indie games expo in Brighton, Pitchford stated that the FPS RPG hybrid was a ‘tremendous’ success, having now sold ‘in the range of’ 6 million units worldwide.

Previous figures had the total pegged at 4.5 million units.

As a result, Gearbox was able to double their budget for Borderlands 2.

The sequel was central to the Rezzed presentation, which was essentially a game play demo with commentary by Pitchford. Titbits revealed for the follow-up include a world over double the size of the original’s, streamlined multiplayer interactivity and the ability for split-screen users playing on one console to be able to hop online with other players.

The PC version of Borderlands 2 is playable on the Rezzed show floor this weekend.


By djole381 (SI Elite) on Jul 06, 2012
Can't wait for Borderlands 2 :)
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jul 06, 2012
same here, the first one was very nice.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jul 07, 2012
Ugh,hated the first one it was the worst type of game in my opinion,singleplayer mmo.Granted you could have friends come over to your game and play,but the purpose of the game was to have better guns with which to show off and since there aren`t any other people to show off to then the game`s pretty pointless.

It did have a nice gun variety and it was a very stylized game,though i didn`t like the style but there was effort put into this,unfortunately the gunplay wasn`t interesting and the story... well guy wants magic box and i think that`s all the people remember and oh yes let`s not forget the horrendous driving,a rollercoaster on ice has more control than the cars in this game.

I think you realized by now i don`t like the first Borderlands but i`m willing to give this one a go,is there a demo to it?If not i`ll get a "free version" to test it,i`m not in the mood for wasting more money.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 07, 2012
I didn't mind the frist, though after a short whie I couldn't keep track of all the quests and side-missions I was offered and greedily accepted unless I played it constantly, which I never did. Take a month off and go back and I'd have forgotten what, who, why and when.
Still, fingers crossed for the sequel as Gearbox really needs a winner title and gamers need a decent FPS/RPG hybrid (please don't anyone mention Bethesda or I'll throw up and it's your fault).
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Jul 07, 2012
Tis game was meant to be played with friends, and as such it was fun to play. If I had to play it alone I would have enjoyed it half as much at best.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Jul 07, 2012
I never minded playing this game on my own - as I prefer to play most games. My biggest gripes were that the game was so badly optimized for PC and a huge letdown with every patch.
The community had a long list of ini changes top make with each update - every new update - 2K and Gearbox never implemented those features or let you keep the ini files - no it was more important to mess up that work so everyone had suffered to look through the non skippable logo animations everytime.
So, after awhile I started to not bother changing the ini files - and that was the day the game once more got unplayable and I never looked back.

In the game I think it was better (after the hundreds of ini changes). It felt like a responsive shooter and not that much as a port. The port aspects came in all the rest: inventory, settings, limited options, font sizes and several other aspects missing settings - like almost all?

Now Gearbox is stomping the floor and proclaims mightily that next Borderlands will have all that "extra" goodies for PC gamers- it's not bloody extras you morons - they should be considered a ticket to play if you like to be taken seriously to begin with...