Rumour: Square Enix scraps Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Posted: 20.07.2012 12:44 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
The house of Square Enix has reportedly terminated work on Final Fantasy Versus XIII six years after the game was first announced back in May '06. Little has been seen of it since then.

A source reveals Square are reluctant to openly admit the canning so to avoid a stock hit. Resources are allegedly being retasked for Final Fantasy XV. Square refused comment.

"We have no information on the status of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, but will be sure to update you as it becomes available," the publisher told Kotaku.

Two sources confirmed to Kotaku that they had learnt Versus XIII assets had been 'folded' into another project, which is believed to be the next major Final Fantasy instalment; FFXV. It would seem Square Enix would rather profit off the work of Versus in a full release and not a spin-off. Square has a Final Fantasy event happening late next month.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was/is bound for PS3.

Source: Kotaku

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By Longsword (SI Core Member) on Jul 20, 2012
It would make more sense to just repackage this as Final Fantasy XV anyways... Final Fantasy Versus XIII always struck me as an odd title considered it had nothing to do with FF XIII. o.O
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Jul 20, 2012
Well i`ll take it if it does go into XV but what about XIII Agito?