Domain parking hints at Sonic Adventure 3?
Posted: 24.07.2012 13:44 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
A web hosting company registered Sonic Adventure 3 domains back in April. There seems to be no link to SEGA beyond the name domain name. Does this reveal a new entry for Sonic?

Previously domain registrations that led to actual releases where made by EuroDNS, but they weren't involved this time. Sonic Adventure 2 released back in 2001 on Dreamcast.

SEGA has at least re-released the original Sonic Adventure on more platforms like PC. Sonic Adventure 2 is due to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 later in 2012. Is there to be a third?

The domains:,,, and were grabbed by 1&1 Hosting in France, reports TSSZ. Sonic Generations, Sonic Free Riders and Sonic the Hedgehog 4 all became real after EuroDNS registered them.
Source: CVG

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