Braid on PS3 a possibility, creator wants "one platform at a time"
Posted: 13.08.2008 11:17 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The XBLA title Braid, which has been flooded with glorious praise, is coming to the PC but no other platforms yet. Jonathon Blow wants to "focus" for "high quality" versions.

A PS3 version could be in the cards for the future but nothing's concrete. Blow also revealed a Wii expedition is "not going to happen for this game", the models wrong.

"It's a limited exclusive, so if I were to try to make a PS3 or WiiWare version of the game, I would have to wait a little bit," noted Blow, on the Game Focus podcast.

"PlayStation 3 might happen in the future. What's going to definitely happen this year is a PC release. The only reason that's not out right now is that I wanted to focus on one platform at a time," he explained. Blow wants to make sure PC gamers get as great a version of Braid as possible.

"WiiWare is not going to happen for this game because the model is just not right - like, Braid is too big of a game to be downloadable on WiiWare and stored on someone's Wii," says Blow, spelling doom for Wii enthusiasts looking to partake of the Braid experience.

He says that most think "3D is really complicated and is big" but that in fact 2D art can be just, if not more goliath than 3 dimensional space. "The game is 144MB right now."

Despite "how many copies it sells," Blow isn't "going to do a sequel to Braid".

"I mean, maybe in five years when I'm motivated, if I have a really fresh idea for it," he muses. "But I'm not waiting in the wings with a level pack, or DLC or anything."

Braid is available on Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Points - which is about 10.

Source: Eurogamer