Vector graphics-emulating Vektropolis arriving on 21st December
Posted: 31.07.2012 05:41 by Comments: 3
Many veteran gamers have fond memories of vector graphic games, whether as a coin-op arcade cabinet such as Star Wars or the Vectrex home console. These are the gamers most likely to coo with delight at Vektropolis, which is not only a vector graphics title, but developed by the same fellow who helped work on both Star Wars and the Vectrex, David Gallagher. He is the head of the Leeds-based studio Dark Computer Entertainment.

The game, which is being released on the 21st December, is more of a three-dimensional shooter variation of Battlezone, where players zip through a vector-representation of a city, rescuing civilians while being attacked by enemy ships and tanks.

Mere words cannot accurately depict what the game is like - fortunately, DCE released a teaser trailer showing off gameplay.

Source: Eurogamer
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By Gale47 (SI Core) on Jul 31, 2012
Dude was killing the huge R2D2's at 1:40!
Ahem... right.
Doesn't seem too interesting to me.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 31, 2012
Actually I have no fond memories of vector graphics, having played both "Flight Simulator 2.5" and "Jetfighter" (along with countless demos) using the engine. The dull throbbing green-on-black was actually quite depressing, and I quickly had to go back to text-based adventures for a welcome relief. "Star Wars" at the arcade I DO remember slipping quite a few 20 cent pieces into:)
This title does actually look intriguieing though, so I will keep an eye on it.
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Aug 01, 2012
Descent in vektor graphics,maybe its me but i do not see a top seller here!