Vigilante 8 nearing release
Posted: 13.08.2008 14:12 by Manuel Comments: 0
Indie developer Isopod Labs has submitted retro-remake car combat title 'Vigilante 8' to the Microsoft quality control overlords, so with any luck we might see a release within 2008.

The Xbox Live Arcade certification process is notoriously difficult to pass, with re-submissions almost a prerequisite for all but the most stringent titles. Vigilante 8 has been around the block in that regard, but Isopod hope this will be the "final" cut.

The revamped title is set to take full advantage of the 360 hardware, featuring split-screen multiplayer and Xbox Live support for up to eight players.

In addition we're also promised voice support, leaderboards and all the usual trimmings, along with brand new arenas and eight different 70s-inspired vehicles - dodgy 'tache and leather trim compulsory.

We'll be looking forward to spending more time with Vigilante 8 in the near future. Over to you, Microsoft.

Source: VideoGamer