Minecraft XBLA Skin Pack 2 now available
Posted: 26.08.2012 04:42 by Comments: 3
A new Skin Pack is coming to the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft, which will add a whopping 45 new skins for the main character. The DLC will cost a mere 160 Microsoft Points.

The skins include:

Enderman Man – Minecraft
Pig Man – Minecraft
Sheep Man – Minecraft
Naked Sheep Man – Minecraft
Spider Man – Minecraft
General Akamoto – Skulls of the Shogun
Otus – Owlboy
Meat Boy – Super Meat Boy
Agent Cobalt- Cobalt
Zapp – Gamma Bros
Buzz – Gamma Bros
Glorg – Glorg
The Player – Retro City Rampage
Spelunky Guy – Spelunky
Green Knight – Castle Crashers
Orange Knight – Castle Crashers
Blue Knight – Castle Crashers
Red Knight – Castle Crashers
Marcus Fenix – Gears of War 3
Skorge – Gears of War
Anya Stroud – Gears of War
Damon Baird – Gears of War: Judgment
Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark
Joanna Dark (dress) – Perfect Dark
Joanna Dark – Perfect Dark Zero
Elvis – Perfect Dark
Juno – Jet Force Gemini
Vela – Jet Force Gemini
Lupus – Jet Force Gemini
Horstachio – Viva Piñata
Pretztail – Viva Piñata
Fizzlybear – Viva Piñata
Bill – Left4Dead
Louis – Left4Dead
Francis – Left4Dead
Zoey – Left4Dead
Hunter – Left4Dead
Boomer – Left4Dead
Witch – Left4Dead
Agent Level 5 – Crackdown 2

Let us know if you want to get your Elf on in Minecraft.
Source: Joystiq
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By lichlord (SI Core) on Aug 26, 2012
that rather absurd while pc users have this for free the xbox has to pay for it well goot luck with that one lol ill be on my pc :D
By SOULTOME (SI Newbie) on Aug 27, 2012
that skin pack seems more worth it than the first skin pack
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 27, 2012
Didn't take long for corporate America to jump in on the cash wagon. How sad....