Torchlight II launching in September
Posted: 31.08.2012 09:50 by Nick Akerman Comments: 5
Travis Baldree, co-founder of Runic, has confirmed the Torchlight II release date. Fans don't have long to wait, as the game is rocking up late September.

Speaking on the forum, Baldree said:

"I don't think there's much else I could say that would interest you right now, so -

The official Release Date for Torchlight II is Thursday, September 20th, 2012.

3 weeks away!

We'll announce it 'more' officially and bigger tomorrow.

You know first!

Thank all of you for being an awesome and patient community :)

We look forward to getting this into your hands!"

Not long to wait Torchlight fans!
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By djole381 (SI Elite) on Aug 31, 2012
Finally!!! :)
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Aug 31, 2012
About friggin time,i even forgot about the game.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Aug 31, 2012
Yay co-op :)
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Aug 31, 2012
Spambot Alert!!!
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 06, 2012
Yeay - what Diablo 3 should have been IMHO :)