FMC 'Basic Mode' for Football Manager 2013 "less time-consuming"
Posted: 06.09.2012 13:33 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
SEGA formally announces Football Manager 2013 with it due "before Christmas" some time, but they also announce a Classic mode now featuring, which simplifies club management.

It's designed for gamers with less time on their hands with an entire season completed in 8 to 10 hours. It can be open-ended or constrained by setting a specific challenge.

The FMC mode is meant to reflect the earlier days of the Football Manager franchise before they started added a lot more micro management to the formula; it's casual friendly.

Five challenges will be included as part of FMC with more made available as time goes on. Meeting targets will net you benefits like work permits being lifted or an extra injection of cash for transfers. "The introduction of FMC is a major step forward in Football Manager's evolution," said Sports Interactive head Miles Jacobson.

"In recent years it's become clear that there's a large group of people who would like to play Football Manager, but simply can't devote the time required to get the most out of the game - in fact, now that they have families and other commitments, even some members of the SI team have found themselves in this position."

"We decided, therefore, to try to find a way to accommodate players with limited free time, without significantly diluting the experience. We believe that FMC achieves this beautifully."

The studio hasn't neglected the full experience of what Football Manager has become. "I would, however, like to stress to our many, many fans around the world that the introduction of FMC will not impact in any way on the game that they've come to know and love," clarified Jacobson. FM2013 improves upon their 3D match engine, includes additional staff roles, more media interaction and connecting to Steam's network leaderboards.

"For those who still want the full, 'hands-on' experience, FM13 offers exactly what they're looking for."

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