Bohemia: We'd be "stupid" not to want DayZ on XBLA
Posted: 11.09.2012 16:56 by Comments: 0
Bohemia producer Jan Kunt revealed during a promotional tour of Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, the developer's action and real-time strategy hybrid, that it would be "stupid" not to try to bring a standalone version of its Arma II mod DayZ to Xbox Live Arcade.

"Obviously DayZ, you've seen the success of Minecraft on Xbox LIVE Arcade," Kunt related, pointing to Mojang recouping its expenses for Minecraft in its first hour of release on Xbox Live Arcade, "and we'd probably be stupid not to try to do something similar."

He added, "We've always wanted to make games for consoles as well. Obviously we're a PC developer and have been for some years, but consoles have a huge market and you don't have so many problems with piracy.

"So it's really interesting. PC is what it is, and I personally think PC players will stay as PC players, but the console has more penetration into mainstream markets. People who wouldn't play games on PC, they buy an Xbox or PS3 as a medium to play games. So from that point of view it makes sense to go for consoles."

DayZ creator Dean Hall had hinted at an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 release of DayZ once the standalone PC version of his mod had reached "a point" in development.
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