Joel Bylos new Game Director for Funcom's The Secret World
Posted: 25.09.2012 12:33 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
MMO house Funcom has announced that Joel Bylos is the newly appointed Game Director for their latest online outing, The Secret World. He'll be working with Ragnar Tornquist.

They've already launched "two major content updates" in two months and plan to "expand the storyline," and add new areas like the upcoming New York raid. Bylos was lead content designer.

"Being given the opportunity to lead the game into a bold, new future is definitely a dream come true for me,” said the freshly promoted Joel Bylos. Funcom now report the MMO as profitable.

“I am very proud of what we as a team have created with ‘The Secret World’, and it is truly a brilliant canvas that will allow us to create more groundbreaking MMO experiences for many years to come. ‘The Secret World’ is only really getting started, and with a game world that draws upon our own, real world, there is no limit to what sort of amazing stories we can tell and fantastic locations we can visit in the upcoming content updates,” continued the Game Director.

Ragnar Tornquist added his congratulations, saying, "Joel and I have worked together for many years, and I cannot think of anyone more suited to maintain the vision and lead the game going forward than him."

“I look forward to continue working with Joel on bringing the game forward through many, exciting post-launch updates, and I especially look forward to spending more time expanding on what I truly enjoy the most about ‘The Secret World’: the story, characters and the setting itself.”

The Funcom team behind The Secret World is presently concluding work on 'Issue #3: The Cat God' which is the latest content update, with Issue 4 "also well under way." This new update adds a devastated New York City where players must face an enormous monster erupting from the New York subway system in Times Square.

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