Mass Effect Trilogy details revealed by BioWare
Posted: 28.09.2012 05:43 by Comments: 2
BioWare has posted a product page for the recently announced Mass Effect Trilogy, and some of the details of the bundle have been revealed. It'll feature 5 discs and new artwork.

For starters, the PC and Xbox 360 bundles will be released on the 6th November, while the PlayStation 3 will be released "at a later date".

The PC version will include the Mass Effect 1 DLC on the disc, including Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station on disk. However, for Mass Effect 2, just the Cerberus Network will be included, which adds Zaeed The Price of Revenge, The Firewalker Pack, Cerberus Assault Gear, Arc Projector heavy weapon, and Normandy Crash site mission. However, this seems to indicate that none of the other DLC will be included. Mass Effect 3 will only have access to co-op multiplayer.

As for the 360 version, the Mass Effect 1 DLC will not be included on disc, but will be available as "stand-alone downloads through Xbox LIVE".

As for the PS3, the original Mass Effect will be available as a standalone digital title through the PlayStation Network for $14.99 USD, and will be available when the Trilogy is released on PS3.
Source: BioWare
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Sep 28, 2012
Stupid greedy a**holes, not including ALL the DLC in a compilation of this kind is stupid and greedy, only stupid and greedy a**holes would be capable of doing this.

Seriously, just when you think somebody can't sink any lower something like this happens.
Thanks for being the kind of stupid and greedy a**holes we expect you to be EA, wouldn't want my world views to shatter so unexpectedly.

What's the friggin point of buying a compilation if it doesn't include ALL the content to that point?
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Sep 28, 2012
I just buy the digital version of Mass Effect 1 on Ps3,perhaps they will release a game of the year edition when all Mass Effect 3 dlc is available-Omega dlc