Introversion makes Prison Architect funding in 3 days
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Introversion has announced that their Kickstarter-styled crowd funding of their penitentiary simulation Prison Architect has made its goal of $100,000 in a mere 3 days.

The developer has broken down the funding into the reward tiers paid for, which totaled 2667:

* Base ($30) - 1801
* Aficionado ($35) - 343
* Introversioner ($40) - 134
* Name in the Game ($50) - 302
* Physical Pleasures ($100) - 69
* Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face ($250) - 13
* Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture ($500) - 1
* Warden Norton I Presume? ($1000) - 4

Developer Chris Delay announced the funding at Eurogamer Expo, where he also revealed some of the mechanics being worked on in the alpha build. One was prisoner escapes via tunneling, in which inmates pretend to sleep but are digging tunnels. The prisoners will try to shift dirt in the yard, sometimes collaborating with other prisoners.

Another mechanic discussed was prisoner riots, a failure state in which inmates will revolt, attacking guards. When players lose sectors to prisoners, those sectors become shrouded in a fog of war. Prisoners will barricade doors, while guards will ignore commands, especially to try to take those sectors back.

"It's above their pay grade," Delay noted. "They're not going to go in there because they're going to get dead."

That job falls to the Riot Police, who are well-armed and wear armor. Other emergency services include paramedics and firemen to assist the Riot Police.

Another mechanic Introversion is trying to work in are gangs, but the developer is struggling with implementing it. "But it just doesn't work yet," Delay explained. Contraband is another feature the developer is trying to work in.

Prison Architect will be released on PC sometime in 2013.
Source: Eurogamer
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