EA deny claims it tried to buy Oddworld Inhabitants
Posted: 02.10.2012 09:45 by Nick Akerman Comments: 8
EA has fought against claims the publisher tried to acquire Oddworld Inhabitants in the early 2000s. Spokesman Jeff Brown gave a stirring response to Lorne Lanning's previously published interview.

"We wish Lorne luck on the game and recommend Lithium for the paranoia and Tourette Syndrome. Nobody here remembers a jet, a Ferrari or an offer to buy his company," Brown said.

Lanning had indicated how badly OI wanted to stay clear of EA's grasp.

"When you say that to us we go 'f*** you very much', quite frankly. That's not a sustainable model, that's a hostile acquisition," Lanning said.

"That's why we had to strive to get independent. Rather than get into bed with someone we knew was a horrible bed partner we said 'let's stay virgins for longer.'"

Tune in same time next week, folks.
Source: GI.Biz


By nocutius (SI Elite) on Oct 02, 2012
Hmm, a conflicting information but I'll still believe the side that is not EA in this case.
By danfreeman (SI Elite) on Oct 02, 2012
Always believe the side that`s not EA noc :) unless that`s ubicrap.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Oct 02, 2012
Note to Brown: there's a paper trail that says you're lying.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 02, 2012
Hey, when caught deny everything. These guys are getting more like politicians and huge corporate CEO's every day. Lies, lies and yet more lies about those lies. Sod off Brown, no one believes you, not that you care.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Oct 02, 2012
stock interests mate simple stock interests
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 02, 2012
Unfortunately, yes that is what it has become. But that's the way it was always headed.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Oct 02, 2012
the day people realise that material/money crap is not the way to go in life is the day im actually gonna get drunk and dance on a table lol

but when do people realise their mistakes? always to late they tell me and its true i had to go under a depression to finaly get my priorities straight friend n family > money and items
but i do think realistic i know its nessecary to survive so i do bend my ideals still doesn't hurt to hope while im knowing its not likely to happen...

This stunt is damage control on their stocks and PR altough they might and likely do know this attempt may just do little..

now admitingly i only played abe's story his oddysee and exodus both 2D puzzle platforms and they were fun so its nice to hear a good company picking it up for the lil man...
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Oct 03, 2012
I don't really trust EA in any event. So I would have to go with Lanning.