Bungie: Destiny is a sandbox game, Red Dead dev working on it
Posted: 05.10.2012 10:06 by Nick Akerman Comments: 1
Bungie remains quiet-lipped about its upcoming Destiny project. The studio has indicated the title will be a sandbox game. It is also being worked on by a former Red Dead Redemption employee.

"We liked Red Dead Redemption so much that we hired Danny Bulla to come here and help us fill your next sandbox," Bungie wrote in response to a user question regarding Rockstar.

"He's doing some amazing work and, so far, he hasn’t tried to lash any of us to a pair of railroad tracks."

Little else is known about the new project. Stay tuned for details as we get them.
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By stuntkid (SI Elite) on Oct 05, 2012
Cool. Can't wait to hear more!