Dishonored writer finds Valve's handling of Gordon Freeman "really creepy"
Posted: 10.10.2012 14:29 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Austin Grossman is a writer for Arkane's Dishonored which releases this week. He drew inspiration from Valve's equally mute protagonist Gordon Freeman in what not to do with a silent lead.

He 'hates' what Valve do with Freeman, finding it "incredibly awkward and really creepy." Valve treat him as an empty vessel as people talk "at him, about him and sometimes even for him."

Gordon Freeman just happens to be smack in the middle of all that's going on. Admitting bias, Grossman says Dishonored is much more 'viscerally gripping' for Corvo.

I hate what Valve does with the silent protagonist," declared Austin Grossman to Kotaku, making sure to clarify he speaks only for himself and not all of Arkane. Dishonored releases this week on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. So far the critical reception has been stellar with it easily competing with XCOM: Enemy Unknown for this week's spotlight.

I find it incredibly awkward and really creepy, he said. I find Gordon Freeman creepy as hell.

It's the lack of Freeman's personal anchor and interest to the world of Half-Life that's the problem. I think you get that involvement because the character has personal relationships with people from the beginning. And its very clear that people have f*cked with you in a very personal way.

"Its people talking at him, about him and sometimes even for him. He just happens to be in the middle of this whole thing, he continued. "Dishonored grips you much more viscerally, more emotionally. Even those trying to make a silent living can't catch a break it seems. Surely Gordon Freeman and Corvo's lives are just too incompatible to be compared?

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...golden. We need more mute heroes


...freaky. Voice boxes do exist dammit


...tricky. They can be just as obnoxious


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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Oct 11, 2012
To be honest, I don't like it when the Protagonist is so silent. Don't get me wrong, I loved Half-Life, DOOM 3 and Dead Space, but really at times I wish that they could've said something, especially in DOOM 3 and Dead Space.

Half-Life you rarely get to see Gordon Freeman... in fact you almost never do, so I can let that one slide on Half-Life.