Microsoft banning PEGI 18 apps from Windows 8 Store
Posted: 11.10.2012 15:46 by Comments: 12
Microsoft has announced that the Windows 8 Store will not sell any games with a rating higher than ESRB's Mature rating or anything over PEGI 16.

The Windows 8 Store terms of service states, "Your app must not contain adult content, and metadata must be appropriate for everyone. Apps with a rating over PEGI 16, ESRB MATURE, or that contain content that would warrant such a rating, are not allowed."

While AO games are never sold in the US in retailers or most stores, PEGI 18 games include major popular titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Mass Effect 3 and others.

It'll be interesting to see if this comes to pass; it's highly unlikely Microsoft would want to bar, say, Call of Duty: Black Ops II from being sold on the store.
Source: Destructoid
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By LukeDion1987 (SI Core Member) on Oct 11, 2012
Just great... W8 and all that M$ is really bad. I will not buy any M$ product!!
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Oct 11, 2012
I think it's a mistake. Why ESRB Mature and PEGI 16? I seriously doubt MS wants to lose money by not selling PEGI 18 games.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Oct 11, 2012
I sure hope so, why in the hell would they not sell all the rated games?
If it's true this will be a big reason to be against the MS store, probably the biggest one so far.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Oct 11, 2012
Oh. Wait. There is a reason MS might do it - countries like Germany.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
Steam seems to manage so I don't see a reason why MS would be unable to. It would be easy to simply remove some games from the list if the customer is from a certain country.
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
I don't think that their idea is a very good one. But then again like nocutius said, if Steam can manage, then it is a very good bet that Microsoft will find a way as well.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
It's a pretty stupid way to set this up. By doing this with their rather tight control of the store and how they wish poeple to use it and than ban such a huge group - well at least VALVE and other gaming companies can rest easy - slap a 18+ age on it and you will be fine ;)
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
Again, it's probably a typo. If it weren't, only Teen games would be allowed from ESRB.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
Lets hope so, otherwise I seriously start doubting their survival in the future.. :S
By Xyfer117 (SI Core) on Oct 12, 2012
This sounds ridiculous.
By therazorsedge (SI Newbie) on Oct 12, 2012
Microsoft... wut are u doing?
By Assassinated (I just got here) on Oct 14, 2012
oh God, why..?