League of Legends flaunts 32 million active players, is "as big as Starcraft" in Korea
Posted: 12.10.2012 10:11 by Nick Akerman Comments: 2
League of Legends currently enjoys 32 million active players per month.

Riot Games has revealed some impressive statistics. 12 million users play the game each day, 70 million are registered and the peak concurrency is around the 3 million mark. This is five times the total that played Steam's top 100 games last Friday.

The game's popularity continues to rise in Korea. Professional player RapidStar suggested this will only continue:

"League of Legends is as big as Starcraft now (in Korea)." He said it is "still new and still growing and only going to get better."

Have you tried League of Legends yet?
Source: PC Gamer
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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
Wow, I knew that the game was popular, but not this popular. I never got to playing the game, and have been begged to do so for quite some time. Not sure whether I will ever play the game, but I have got nothing against it.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2012
Same here, except that I tried it and it wasn't quite my thing. Getting my ass kicked all the time probably helped in that assessment a lot :).