Far Cry 3 multiplayer doesn't forcibly remind you of a "snotty friend somewhere"
Posted: 22.10.2012 13:59 by Simon Priest Comments: 4
Ubisoft Massive describe their approach to Far Cry 3's multiplayer portion of gameplay, saying that while it's narratively led in co-op, they don't wave it in the player's face breaking singleplayer immersion.

The team doesn't want to remind us of our 'snotty friends' if we'd prefer to be left alone. We can "completely ignore those elements" despite being tied physically into the world.

The Ubisoft team doesn't want stats, achievements and other 'out of place' elements popping up and tearing down Far Cry 3's immersion. Their stat bulletin board is "tucked away somewhat".

All the online features are optional and buried just enough to stay hidden if you don't want to acknowledge them. "I'm a big fan of immersing myself in the single player, and we've been very careful not to force players," said creative director Magnus Jensen of Ubisoft Massive. The studio created RTS legend World in Conflict.

"If you don't want to engage in competitive activities that remind you of the real world, that remind you that you have a snotty friend somewhere that you don't particularly like, you can completely ignore those elements as they're optional."

"As you're going through the world in the single-player, you're in the open world experiencing it: sneaking, hunting, surviving, we're not going to blast pop-ups or achievements that break immersion at the player. It's going to be opt-in so that when you're ready, you can see it." Challenges are accessed in the physical world and not on a menu.

The team are keeping the co-op multiplayer element as ragtag as the singleplayer experience. "We're going very primal in multiplayer, Far Cry 3 isn't just literally colourful its figuratively colourful too," explained Jensen. Co-operative actions such as capturing objectives and aiding a team member earn the right for supply drops. "We've also got four characters in co-op that are, I'd say, as unhinged as any of the characters that players will meet in the single-player."

A huge focus for Far Cry 3 online is the map editor. "We want the good maps to rise to the top so the players can come in and specify what they want to play on. They can play on the cream of the crop, or if act like a beta tester and play on the more experimental maps. We've made that super easy and clear."

The co-op is a "full, custom-made campaign. You're not replaying snippets of the single-player campaign that just happened to fit. It has its own story and characters. It takes place six months before, it has ties into the main story in that you'll meet various factions and you're on a different part of the same island."

"It's a different story but what it does bring is the same insanity. These four characters are working on a seedy private cruise ship, there's drugs and prostitution, these guys are down on their luck, they've hit rock bottom, looking for a chance to get out." Check out the full interview between Magnus Jesen and CVG.

Far Cry 3 releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC November 29th in EU, December 4th in US. Watch the walkthrough below, narrated by lead level designer Mark Thompson and lead game designer Jamie Keen.

Source: CVG

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By noobst3R (SI Core) on Oct 22, 2012
"The Ubisoft team doesn't want stats, achievements and other 'out of place' elements popping up and tearing down Far Cry 3's immersion."

Great news! I'm tired of 'being on Steam while I'm on Battlelog through Origin' when all I want is to play a game.
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Oct 22, 2012
Far Cry 3 multiplayer will be awesome!
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 23, 2012
I hope so Heno, as the previous two have been retty disappointing....for me anyway.
As for Steam achievemnts...actiually I find they don't distract from the game but spur me on. I think Ubi is making this game out to be far, far more than it actually is - a game.
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Oct 23, 2012
The first Far Cry was a classic on pc,excellent voice actor in the game,Far Cry 2 was different,a good game engine with great atmospheric sound(i can still hear the monkeys howling in the jungle in my head)but the missions were rather boring after a while,and you better take the boat in the first two episodes to avoid the enemy's endless attacks,also a stupid ending after all the hours spent on the game,the multiplayer was a lot of fun though but no real classes or upgrades except for the diamonds to spent on weapons in 1 round.
Far Cry 3 has coop 4 players,well if you are bored you are bored with 4 players together,share the pain is less pain,but after all the reviews i think this will be an excellent game because the irritating parts from the first two would normally be absent from this game.Lets hope so.