New Orcs Must Die! 2 DLC is abominable (snowman)
Posted: 31.10.2012 16:14 by Comments: 0
Robot Entertainment has announced a new downloadable content pack for Orcs Must Die! 2, called the "Are We There Yeti?" Booster Pack. As the title implies, it's full of white, furry mountain beasts. However, the yetis aren't the only new addition.

The DLC adds three new frozen levels caled the Yeti Den, The Hive, and the enormous Chilled Cavern. A new variation of the Spike Wall trap will sproing spikes from the wall, then flip them up into the air and possibly over a ledge. A new weapon, the Dwarven Missile Launcher, features an alt-fire of magic bolts. The Guardian Trinket will heal all archers and soldiers you're near.

The other enemy in addtion to the charging yeti are the goblin sappers, who will ruin your hard earned traps.

The new DLC is due on Steam tomorrow, the 1st November, for $4.99 USD.
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