Dreamfall Chapters to attempt Kickstarter fundraising
Posted: 02.11.2012 18:49 by Comments: 0
Despite getting $175K in government funding to produce Dreamfall Chapters, developer Ragnar Trnquist announced that his studio will be raising additional funds with Kickstarter.

According to Trnquist, We will be doing a Kickstarter. Not right now, but we will be doing it in the near future, simply because although we received a grant from the Norwegian Film Institute, which was announced today, that is only for the preproduction phase. That allows us to get started on a prototype but in order to fully develop Dreamfall Chapters were going to need more money and we will be going to Kickstarter.

Well be talking more about the game in the next couple of weeks and then well get down to business and design things. Get moving on pre-production. Sometime early next year well have more to show," he added. We intend to be extremely open with production. We dont plan on hiding away and pushing out the occasional screenshot. We want to be completely transparent and open, let people know where were at. Were also not going to be talking about it relentlessly though or there wont be anything left to talk about after release."

As for actual information about Dreamfall Chapters and a release date, he stated, "In a couple of weeks well go completely silent and re-emerge early next year with a lot more to show hopefully.
Source: VG247