CCP outline "future balancing" plans for EVE Online in 2013
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Whilst assuming 2012 "is not the end of the world," developer CCP is ready to tease what lies on the horizon for EVE Online's universe in terms of balancing. Battlecruisers are 'next in line' for revolution.

Battleships will get time under the coding knife too as some "require a little face lift," despite already being "fairly well balanced." Of course that's if we survive the Mayan calendar running out.

The studio reminds us that December 4th heralds ship changes from Retribution. CCP won't be resting for long though as more ships are due for dry dock.

"With the bulk of our work out of the way though, this begs the question, what are we going to do now with all that precious free time? Eat marshmallows on the CCP office balcony? Impossible, it’s snowing outside," blogged CCP. No, the teams will be gutting and retooling more ships this winter ready for action in 2013.

"Yes comrades, battlecruisers are indeed next to get through the tiericide revolution. Let’s face it, they had it coming, as current tier 2 variations perform too well while tier1s are found wanting. With this in mind, the plan is to adjust total slot layout to 17 on all of them and split them into two categories depending on their expected role."

Battleships are also due some tweaks, although they "suffer the least from the current “tier” system, and most of them are fairly well balanced. However, some still require a little face lift, since we are one year into the future and we have the technology." Skill requirements are next on the development agenda, as well as beefing up roles of Command ships.

Check out the rather lengthy developer blog post on 'balancing the future' in 2013.
Source: Polygon
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By psycros (SI Veteran Newbie) on Nov 11, 2012
Who even plays this POS any more? A laughable game from a joke company.