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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 10, 2012
Excellent article, Marco and well worth reading for anyone interested in either or both of the series. I have "FM 2011" and "FIFA Manager 12", and enjoy them both for different reasons. For one, "FM 12", and I daresay "FM 13", has the "LIVE Season package" you can buy seperately (or included in a bundle if you buy it on sale as I did) and this keeps the teams current with the latest transfers, purchases and rankings current. "FM 2011" does not have this feature, but I don't know about "FM 2013".
The most obvious differences are in the presentation, as you've pointed out. "FIFA Manager" likes to make it a glorious affair with all the bells, whistles and fan fare of the game, minus the football hooligans. "Football Manager" is far less glorified and therefore realistic (just would love to have real faces instead of blank ones, but I know that modders release packages at times to redress this as SI has no deal with FIFA).
Both, though, will have you punching the air when your long pre-match preparation and careful in-game tactics bear fruit and you win, then proceed to denegrate the reputation of your opponent in a post-match press interview.