Sir, You Are Being Hunted reaches Kickstarter goal
Posted: 07.11.2012 17:55 by Comments: 0
Indie developer Big Robot's open world first person shooter Sir, You Are Being Hunted has reached its Kickstarter goal of 40,000 with 24 days to spare.

The developer posted in the Kickstarter blog, "Wow, we're stunned by how quickly we've hit target. Thanks, everyone! This money is going to help us turn our prototype into a fully-fledged game of being hunted by robots. Animation and new art will be the priority, and we'll be revealing new NPCs and other details in the coming days."

As for stretch goals, Big Robot promised details later today, stating, "Sir, You Are Being Hunted will be released, all that remains to be seen from here is how much additional awesomeness we can cram in."

Sir, You Are Being Hunted has an expected release date of June 2013.

Source: Big Robot