Sleeping Dogs gets Just Cause, Hitman and Deus Ex outfits
Posted: 13.11.2012 14:50 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
Tomorrow for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC there will be new DLC for United Front's Sleeping Dogs in the form of the Square Enix Character Pack. This dresses up Wei Shen in three distinctive ways.

The Hitman outfit features a bald, red-tie suited Shen. Deus Ex lets him keep his hair and adds those cool Jensen specs, and augmented tactical suit. Finally there's Rico's island regime changing garb.

Each outfit also provides a bonus; Hitman for reduced police attention and a silent weapon, Deus Ex for reduced gunfire damage and full automatic, and Just Cause for hijacks.

The Square Enix Character Pack releases tomorrow for all platforms at 160 MSP or £1.19.