Kalypso releases Megalopolis DLC pack for Tropico 4
Posted: 15.11.2012 10:58 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
Kalypso Media has released another batch of downloadable content for Tropico 4. The Megalopolis DLC pack contains a new campaign, new avatar clothing and more.

The Megalopolis DLC is available to download now through various digital portals and the Kalypso Launcher for £3.49/€3.99. It's only available for the PC at the moment, but later this year Xbox 360 players will be able to purchase it too.

Megalopolis DLC contents:

Build the largest city in the Caribbean! It’s up to you to decide how to deal with the problems that come with a massive influx of immigrants looking to join your society. Manage issues like unemployment, over-population and food shortages. Make use of the Conventillo, a cheap new residential building that maximizes living space at a minimal cost. As El Presidente, try on a decidedly more old-fashioned suit and spice it up with a classic monocle and mayoral necklace. The new bureaucrat trait helps you build cheaper residential buildings and earn bigger profits with the “building permit” edict.

New building: Conventillo : Cheap housing with plenty of room to spare, but degrades over time and has to be frequently repaired
New trait: Bureaucrat: Build cheaper residential buildings while earning more profits from the new “building permit” edict
New outfit: Mayor (male avatar), includes monocle, dress suit and special necklace
New mission: Megalopolis
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