Black Ops 2 dev is ready "to kill people with facts" that dismiss unbalancing claims
Posted: 16.11.2012 10:14 by Nick Akerman Comments: 0
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 design director David Vonderhaar is ready for balancing criticisms to come in. Treyarch's title has been out less than a week, and Vonderhaar knows plenty of users will lambast him with messages about unbalanced weapons when playing online.

Vonderhaar is prepared. He has all the data to eliminate such criticisms.

"Thereís a lot of instrumentation in this game, thereís a lot of data logging, so I know exactly what the power band of a weapon is at all times," he said.

"I can combine how something feels with how itís actually behaving. I know, I know this is going to happen: a million people are going to Tweet me and tell me that the (for example) ĎPDW 57 is overpowered, Vonderhaar what are you doing?í What Iíll do is I can go and look at the math and Iíll go ĎActually, you know what dude? Youíre just good with it. Have fun, because the math says that itís not overpowered."

Vonderhaar indicated most people claim guns are overpowered as an emotional reaction.

"Like not because someone said it was, or because I felt it was, or because you sent me an angry Tweet because you got killed by the SRM Shotgun one night 17 times so youíre mad. The data will tell me the truth," he said.

"Iím just going to kill people with facts (with) this game when they come over and go ĎThis thing is OP.í Iím going to go ĎActually itís not OP, youíre wrong.í Iím not going to yell at them or anything, Iím just going to tell them the truth. I donít have to hide this stuff from people, just drop knowledge bombs on guys. Itís gotta be done. What people are doing is reacting emotionally, and Iím like a really emotional guy so I get it."

Math is a wonderful thing.
Source: VG247