Star Wars: The Old Republic is a "galaxy of possibilities" with new trailer
Posted: 22.11.2012 15:17 by Simon Priest Comments: 7
To remind us further that Star Wars: The Old Republic is a free-to-play MMO now, developer BioWare has released a new trailer showcasing the dramatic conflict between Republic and Sith forces.

It's just a minute long but wants to photon torpedo your patriotism. The story-driven MMO is entirely free all the way from level 1 to 50. It's got exposition, crashing star ships and pretty lasers.

Playing the free-to-play version has its limitations unless you decide to pay the subscription rates. It can be downloaded and played for nothing right now.

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 22, 2012
Unfortunately the movies and trailers are more exciting than the game itself. It's fun for the first first 30 hours or so, but after completing your main character's story arc I found it hard to get too enthralled starting a new one, even if he was the other side of the colour debate.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Nov 22, 2012
A galaxy of possibilities? more like a galaxy of payment or you won't be able to do something as simple like hiding ur helmet slot...
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 22, 2012
...or be unable to equip your hero with high level equipment. Poor effort, chaps, such promise, such a let down.
By YouriRevenn (SI Veteran Member) on Nov 22, 2012
lichlord - OMG, realy?! xD
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 22, 2012
Also a cap on credits, the rest going into escrow. Makes it hard to purchase expensive items on the Exchange.
I might join you guys on the "Red Eclipse" server ("Harbinger" is always very heavily populated), but it depends on the ping latency. I'll test that out when my new modem arrives.
By lichlord (SI Core) on Nov 23, 2012
yeah... im quite serious...
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Nov 25, 2012
I don't even want to download this for free, I feel simply - put off by this game. Sad, because I felt that BioWare was going somewhere with the Star Wars IP that felt fresh and thankfully void of cuddly ninja assassin teddy-bears...
Now I guess it is up to "Gosh Mickey, a Darth Phantom Menace Blot" Disney...