Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires releases February 22nd
Posted: 26.11.2012 15:57 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Publisher Tecmo has announced that the new instalment to the Dynasty Warriors series will be conquering battlefields in mid-February exclusively for PlayStation 3.

The new entry takes focus away from historical figures and puts it on the player, where through achieving victory on the battlefield we can "influence the way history unfolds" as a Ruler.

We use the fame gained in battles to enforce our might as the 'Ruler' of a nation. Tecmo is playing up choice and how our actions help shape the playstyles we'll encounter.

As rulers we "use strategy to seize power and invade neighbouring territories as a ‘Strategist’ or become a mercenary and sell their services around the land as a ‘Free Officer’," read the press release.

"Through actions such as earning fame on the battlefield, protecting the people or looking to expand their own personal wealth and power, the choices made during the strategy and battle phases have an impact on the character’s position and allow for an even wider variety of personalised play styles."

"This high-degree of choice is accompanied by a newly revamped Edit Mode, including weapon animation, personality, facial features and more, so that players can create their own unique characters and throw them into battle."

The characters we create can be shared online for others to download and use in their own campaigns. Those created by others also include the history of their playstyle to provide a "simulated multiplayer experience." The total number of playable characters is brought up to 66 with Empires.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Empires releases on PS3 February 22nd.
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