Electronic Arts mod and playtester blasts publisher over Warfighter
Posted: 26.11.2012 17:35 by Comments: 9
An Electronic Arts moderator and playtester blasted the publisher for what he considers a "betrayal" regarding Medal of Honor: Warfighter, blaming the company for ruining what he considered a "phenominal" (sic) shooter during playtesting.

The mod's main issue was EA forcing a linear, cinematic approach similar to Call of Duty, and eschewing a player choice-driven gameplay.

In an open letter, which can be read here, the mod wrote, "During the Electronic Arts press conferences of E3 ’11 and ’12 it was clear the goal of your great company was to take shares from Activision and dethrone Call of Duty as the go-to franchise and shooter of choice. This tactic has proven to be your down fall and where you have betrayed the trust of your fans, gamers and consumers."

He praised the 2010 Medal of Honor reboot developed by Greg Goodrich and Danger Close Games, stating that the "moving and emotional storyline of the Tier 1 soldier invaded our hearts and living room." The mod went so far as to say Goodrich was a "hero".

When asked to playtest Medal of Honor: Warfighter, however, the mod was told that Goodrich was on "vacation". "Little did I know at the time that “Vacation” meant something entirely different than sipping pinacolota’s (sic) on the beach," he bitterly stated.

He went on to state. "If you truly want to dethrone Call of Duty and Activision, you’re going to have to listen to your community leaders and let them help you create the best experience possible. Not just for Medal of Honor but for all of your marquee franchises. Forcing us to play a adaptation of the original that’s been riddled with problems, and injected with Hollywood moments (Zero Dark Thirty) like Medal of Honor: Warfighter is not how you garner trust. You’re going to have to prove to us that you will support your own franchises and their development teams regardless of profits. Cutting your losses will only hurt your reputation even further. There are hundreds upon thousands of us fans willing to give you advice if only you were willing to listen instead of trying to only make a profit. We’re not looking for money or fame, we’re merely looking for the quality that Electronic Arts was known for years ago."

Medal of Honor: Warfighter was released on the 23rd October 2012 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 to almost universally bad reviews.
Source: Gameranx
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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Nov 26, 2012
Soon to be an ex mod.

But he's right there can only be one CoD, one is all we need/want.
BF3 got caught in this mess as well that's why their SP campaign is also considered crap.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 27, 2012
I browsed the "MoH:W" Forums yesterday and they are full of hateful comments toward the game, with of course the usual dicks retorting that gamers who don't like it "sucks at it". Overall, combined with odious reviews (Aussie mag "PC Powerplay" gave it 3/10), this is one crap game. The MP, like the first, is now loaded with cheaters who are never challenged nor banned. Overall a dismal sequel to a promising re-imagining of the franchise.
I don't think Mod will care too much if he's 'offed' after this...probably tired of the hating.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Nov 28, 2012
Well, seeing as many people buy games without realising they are gettng shit - I can understand the hate. Problem with the gaming setup seems to be that more and more of the deals are made before people know what they get - except the honeyed words from developers and merketeers. Then when they get a game that doens't live up to the words - you are stuck with it. Digital pre-orders are none-refundals. Digital services overall are none refundals so you have nothing left but a bit of hate and a nother grey score in your STEAM list reminding you of a game you can't get rid of and not enjoy.

More honesty in reviews towards gamers and a bit of self-restraint on both parties wouldn't hurt - except those that market shit...
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 28, 2012
Non-refunds is the usual way of DD services, Wolfy but there has been one that has forced Steam's hand while others like GMG readily refunded the money..."Legends of Pegasus".
That mess of a game had huge hype (boasted it would beat down "SoaSE:Rebellion") and great videos. Instead it was half-arsed, incomplete along with no AI in skirmish mode, in Alpha state at launch, and after a few hasty patches the Devs/Pub went broke. No more support.
It is written in Steam's end user agreement that you may obtain a refund for incomplete products (that will either never be completed and/or are badly broken). Some got their refunds after one message to Valve, others five or six (Steam really don't want to give you back your money, greedy bastards). However, they did get them.

Something to always be aware of - read the licence agreement you are "agreeing to" at least once on these DD sites.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Nov 28, 2012
I was very tempted by that one as well as it really looked interesting, I luckily managed to avoid it simply by being broke :).
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Nov 28, 2012
As long as one remains polite, consistent and firm there are usually no dramas. As Chosen has stated, know your rights (most important) and just keep reiterating them if you don't at first succeed. Steam is the most resistant I've encountered, with EA offering compensation above and beyond a refund on occasion. GreenManGaming - refund on request.
It does often depend on who you get answering your ticket.