The Walking Dead creator "hopeful" about Activision's upcoming shooter
Posted: 27.11.2012 10:18 by Nick Akerman Comments: 1
The Walking Dead franchise creator Robert Kirkman has addressed comments that may have been taken out of context with regards to Activision's upcoming zombie shooter.

I know there is a quote out there where I said, ĎIt would be dumb to do a first person Walking Dead game because there are so many that it wouldnít be something that would be competitive in the marketplace, and youíd always be compared to Left 4 Dead so why bother.í I donít think AMC read that quote," Kirkman said.

"But I will say that this game is very much the Dixon brothersí game. These two characters donít exist in the comic, so the ability to play as those characters and learn more about those characters, who are very popular in the show, could actually push this game over the top and make it a worthwhile experience. Thatís what Iím hoping on."

The title will be based on the show, rather than the comics. Kirkman indicated he isn't involved in the game's production, and will stick to working with Telltale.

"Iím not as involved because thatís their thing. Iím looking at stuff. Iím aware of its existence,"
Kirkman said.

"I know Activision is working very hard to make a cool-looking game and Iím hopeful it will be something that is worthy of the Walking Dead brand, but itís not something that Iím actively, intimately involved with. Telltaleís game is based off the comic book, so I have a bunch more control over that than I do with what AMC does."

Anyone else worried this could be awful?
Source: Gameinformer
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By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Nov 28, 2012
Well... I love zombie games and I am a major fan of The Walking Dead + Telltale's version is quite good even though it is off the comic series, so I am going to be hopeful.

Maybe a more action based The Walking Dead will be fun to play. Lets see what happens.