SOE bans client-side PlanetSide 2 mods
Posted: 29.11.2012 05:27 by Comments: 1
Sony Online Entertainment is warning modders that mods won't be allowed in PlanetSide 2.

According to a forum post by the company, “It is vital that you not run software which modifies the Planetside 2 client in any way. If you do this, you are indistinguishable from various hacks that work in the same manner. The result of this is that you will be banned from gameplay and lose your characters/items."

“We cannot make exceptions to this. We do understand there are relatively harmless apps that fall in this category, but if we allowed those they would simply be used as a shield excuse by players trying to cheat. This same rule applies to data that Planetside 2 uses for gameplay. Do not modify any of these files or attempt to modify them in memory.”

User-initiated .INI changes will be allowed however, but an additional comment warned, “The most simple guidance here is do not use third party programs which change the Planetside 2 gameplay in any way unless it has been specifically cleared by SOE."
Source: VG247
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By Hammerjinx (SI Core) on Dec 03, 2012
Bit like MS banhammering XBox profiles for modding their avatars with 3rd party software. If you can mod your profile like that, then you could have done bad stuff too.

All's fair so long as they let you know in advance.