Far Cry 3 co-op DLC due in January, exclusive to PlayStation 3
Posted: 04.12.2012 15:23 by Simon Priest Comments: 6
Ubisoft is playing favourites as Far Cry 3 is due some more co-op shenanigans early next year as DLC pack 'High Tides' launches in January only on PlayStation 3, adding "truly the best of the best."

Jailbreak and Redemption are the new co-op chapters featuring in High Tides, reveals Ubisoft Massive. It lets fans of the island co-op action experience the gang's "final moments".

The devs promise they've poured their sadistic hearts into "tougher fights, bigger competitions" and more face time with the four characters; Leonard, Tisha, Mikhail and Callum.

"High Tides will take place where the original six co-op chapters left off. These are the gang’s final moments, and we’re really challenging ourselves to go all-out. We’ve got new missions, tougher fights, bigger competitions, some great up-close time with your favorite characters, and explosive moments unlike anything you’ve seen before," said Ubisoft.

Far Cry 3's co-op campaign takes place on an island separate from the singleplayer campaign, and the events surrounding the four characters takes place before Jason Brody and his friends arrive in the land of insanity.

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By nocutius (SI Elite) on Dec 04, 2012
Permanently exclusive or just for a certain amount of time?
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Dec 04, 2012
It's a console exclusive, so it may see PC release at the same time.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Dec 04, 2012
Have yet to play any co-op outside two missions in "TOR". Mildly amusing but that's as far as I go with Co-op. Need to find a fellow Aussie or someone else to change my concrete thinking on this:)
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Dec 05, 2012
Far Cry 3 has the best co-op and its absolutely awesome,no more killing Zombies on a maigre 4 maps in Black Ops,thank god,Go Ubi!
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Dec 05, 2012
The main problem with co-op is that it's expensive :)
By HenoKutus (SI Elite) on Dec 06, 2012
Expensive and totally worth it!