Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 US launch sales '14% less' than Modern Warfare 3
Posted: 10.12.2012 13:04 by Simon Priest Comments: 5
Activision recently tooted their sales horn for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 after it secured a cool $1bn in just 15 days. However according to NPD data for US retail, it sold less than Modern Warfare 3.

Combined Xbox 360 and PS3 sales puts Modern Warfare 3 at 8.8 million copies sold during its launch month, while Black Ops 2 managed just 7.4 million. This is the blockbuster series' first decline.

This would confirm talk of the first-person shooter losing its appeal. Longbow Research analyst James Hardiman believes it was a mistake to mention '$1bn in 15 days'.

"We do not believe that Activision did itself any favours by putting out a press release touting that Black Ops II had crossed $1bn in just 15 days,” stated Hardiman , “faster than the 16 days required for Modern Warfare 3 to reach the $1bn mark." Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 moved 4.5 million on Xbox 360 and 2.9 million on PS3.

"What management did not mention is the fact that with an earlier release date, Modern Warfare 3 was able to reach $1bn a day before Thanksgiving, whereas Black Ops II was not able to get there until after Cyber Monday.”

However, analyst Doug Creutz of Cowen and Company urged caution for those looking to draw a definitive conclusion from these sales figures as Black Ops 2 only had 12 days during its launch month, compared to Modern Warfare 3's 14. Working through the time differential, Black Ops 2 would arguably be down just 11%.

The percentage split between Xbox 360 and PS3 remains the same as the original Black Ops.

Source: Gamasutra
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By DAmicoThunder (SI Core Veteran) on Dec 10, 2012
BOPs2 earned less than MW3? That's because it's horrible.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Dec 10, 2012
Finally the world is moving in the right direction, one baby step at a time :).
By DAmicoThunder (SI Core Veteran) on Dec 10, 2012
Haha. I only play the old CODs now. MW2 and Black Ops are the most recent ones for me. I regret my decision to pre-order Black Ops 2
By lichlord (SI Core) on Dec 10, 2012
can"t regret what you don't buy only bought black ops once sold it to my friend and good riddance too... im back to the old COD 4 playing this mod
By DAmicoThunder (SI Core Veteran) on Dec 10, 2012
Very nice. :)